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Re: Last movie impressions

I should start off by saying that I didn't really enjoy the book of Watchmen on first reading; however, that was several years ago, and I'm now tempted to re-read it after seeing the film last night. I thought it was very good, perhaps just short of excellent.

I went in expecting a lot of the characterisation to be lost; I'm pretty sure I was right from what I can remember. But to be honest, this doesn't harm the film as much as I might have thought. All the main characters are fairly well fleshed out, it's just that a lot of the history made up for the comic book isn't included here (for example, you only see Hooded Justice, the original masked crime-fighter in the comic book, very briefly, and nothing is actually mentioned about him). However, the film is long enough as it is, so overall I think this was for the best.

The acting is universally excellent; special mentions have to go to Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan as The Comedian. Both portrayed their characters flawlessly, in my opinion, just how I imagined they should be.

I also like what they did with the ending; I actually preferred the ending to the film to the comic book. I assume the changes were made because of technical reasons (what happens in the comic book would have been very difficult to do on screen), but it's definitely more satisfying. The ending of the comic book is what I hated the most about it.

Overall, I loved it. I'd give it an 8/10.
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