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Re: What Are You Reading Right Now?

Since I'm having a week off I found myself reading again:

Der schwarze Obelisk (the black obelisk) by Erich Maria Remarque
A book about a generation that lost it's youth to the great war, has to deal with hyper-inflation and get's prepared for the next war by the rising nationalists under Adolf Hitler. Remarques earlier books (like "Im Westen nichts neues" - "All quiet on the western front") have been burned by the Nazis in 1933 for being unpatriotic, harmful and unwanted. Der schwarze Obelisk is an extraordinary book. Tragic yet hilariously funny, intelligent and critical, cynical and optimistic at times. Best book I read in years.

Surely you're joking, Mr. Feynman by Richard Feynman
Episodes of the life of Richard Feynman. Gives interesting insights in the character of the physicist. Good read.

This Gaming Life by Jim Rossignol
A tale of three cities. Jim Rossignol travels from London to Seoul and Reykjavik and meets people who love games. Specifically Quake, Starcraft and Eve Online. It is not specifically aimed at gamers, but at people who know some and wonder what they are so fascinated about. A book to recommend to someone you struggle to bring across what gaming can be all about.
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