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Re: Please Rate This Review: Sonic Colors

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
I'd echo Gog's comments - excellent review, and there's been some decent writing on here recently (haven't read your LA Noire review yet as I thought I spotted some spoilers in the first draft!). Good to see!

I would just say that you go a little bit overboard in some bits. For example, I think this is a bit harsh:

That's about it, really. The rest of it rocks.
Hey Pedro, thanks for the nice comment! I removed the case spoiler that was in my L.A. Noire review, so I don't think you should worry about reading that.

I'm definitely going to think about the harshness you mentioned, I can see how people could see that as being of poor taste. Keeping passion in a review while not going overboard can be a tough balance.
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