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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
I found the visual design to be terrible.
Either the effects got more subtle in the course of the game or i was able to ignore them fully. I did not like them, but they were the lesser problem.

God of War 1 (HD Collection)
Disappointing, and not even on a high level.
The way the story was told, great, also the redone CGIs, the in-game graphics looked ok, but man, Kratos is an unlikable asshole with some serious issues. He kills for glory, gets almost killed, kills some more, gets angry because he killed, decides to kill someone, kills everyone on his way of killing that particular person, becomes himself the chief of killing.
He ought to stop whining(!) and accept his defeat and not blame a God for his own actions. Really hated the role of this man which is desperate, stubborn and enjoys playing the victim, projecting the guilt of his nightmares on others.
His stupid, egoistic, whining character never connected with the brutal gameplay which Jaffe intended in those developer videos in the extras section.
The gameplay was also rather suboptimal. Manual camera work often also sucks, but then only because it gets in the way of the button mashing. But here i often don't see my enemies because i would have to move below them to be able to fight upwards. Left and right is on the border of visible.
Evading with the right stick was imho also an odd design decision. I have to move my character with both sticks, so "it does buttons" was not in effect at that day? It reacts also weird. The previous action has to be fully executed before it will work? So being hit while performing anything is quite easy, being hit multiple times also because after getting hit the got hit animation has to be finish before i would be able to evade? Performing a second evade move takes also a rather considerable amount of time. With blocking similar... The whole mechanism and timing never went into my DNA. Batman is as intuitive as a game can be and after each difficulty of Bayonetta i was ready to step one level up, but here i admitted my defeat and accepted the proposal of playing just easy. Was only at the really last boss, but at least normal should be doable for a sort of experienced player i thought i am. Hard and God Mode should be for those b'em'u frame counting people. So balancing could have been improved.
I liked the scale of some scenes, especially with the knowledge that it originally had to run on a PS2.
I understand when people can't love the strangeness of Bayonetta but putting God of War in the mediocre area was much easier for me.
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