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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Kane&Lynch 2: Dog Days (PC)
I really liked the Dead Men original. Played it several times alone and also in coop. Liked the antihero bad guy main characters with their issues and also the world tour they made.
Here they seemed to have removed everything that was good in the first one.
Limiting the story to Shanghai is especially in the beginning very boring. But the airport and the shipyard later were really interesting.
They actually removed the Coop aspect of the game from single player. There are no team commands for the occasional buddys anymore. And this time playing Lynch and getting shot means you first get downed and then die or stand up again. No adrenaline shot anymore which was a far better punishment/ second chance. Kane does not do anything. Sometimes it appears as though i'm fighting alone. Sure, Kane doesn't have to run around in front of me all the time, but i barely notice his presence, while exactly those life extending measurement in the original did that. I had the feeling of a buddy that helped me out and vice versa. No need to help him.
Coop now online. Good? No, since no one's playing the game anymore and online is the only way of playing coop. So i have no chance of getting in this way a coop experience.
The actual MP is also dead. I was late to the party at Dead Men and here also the same. The mode sounds interesting but no chance to play them at least against bots. Barely months after release the game is half broken, great!
I can appreciate the vision they had in the visual style without liking it. It often looks like the original slightly improved but with weird effects. They'd better invest more time in improving it more than trying to be special.
Sound is really interesting. Monolith had often some strange compositions, but i think IO/ Mona Mur did also a good job.
Aiming worked imo much better in the original. Here i hit nothing for no visible reason while recoil seem to be gone, so the cross-hair is on the enemy and rounds go somewhere. Grenades are also gone and exchanged for pick up the extinguisher and throw it mechanics. Why? Finding and throwing an extinguisher is cool once but then you miss deciding for yourself when to use explosives since usage is limited to certain places where they placed those MacGyver bombs.
Nevertheless it's no real disaster- maybe because i just paid 3 for the Limited Edition (new! incl. shipping!)-, but improving a very decent game, which imo only needed some polish, in every aspect to the worse is a feat i don't understand. The story of Dead Men was a missed opportunity with a rather strange climax in this war scenario in the end but Dog Days' story was really ignorable from start to end.

Cogs (PC)
A slider puzzle game with three game modes.
The main goal in inventor mode is to finish the puzzles. Optionally solving it in a certain time or with a certain number of moves.
Challenge mode uses the same levels but different starting configurations, and it's the aim to either win in 30 seconds or just use 10 moves.
I've done everything except the optional objectives in inventor mode, because the latter levels are hard enough without trying to achieve that. It took about 11 hours already and that's enough for me with a puzzle mechanic that is sometimes frustrating when moving one piece to the correct place moves three others away from their correct position...
but i liked it.
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