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Re: Supreme Commander 2 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

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ok ive been playing supcom 2 for a while now and i find that fighting the AI and any difficulty other than cheating is WAAYY to easy, but everytime i try the cheating AI its extremely hard and i always get trampled on can someone tell me a way i can beat the cheating AI?
ok 20 rush no nukes no artillary be illumanate!build 4 mass esstactors then 3 research atone of energy until u have enough points to get mass converter build about 12 mass converters after that build 16 air factorys put them on 1 weedowboth so they make infinite weedowbothsfully up gread air as soon is ush is off full scale attack!

hope this works for u!
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