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Re: What are you playing right now?

Sunday night again, goddammit! Hope everybody had a good gaming weekend.

Witcher 2: Finished Chapter 1. It has been very good and very frustrating at the same time. Most of the frustration stems from lag, which is the fault of my PC, but there is also the storyline. At the beginning I gave it the benefit of the doubt - it was like the Malazan Books of the Fallen, where you're dropped into the middle of the story and have to work out what's going on. You have to work a little harder, and never have the full story. That can be rewarding, and I was all for it. However at the start of Chapter 2 I am making decisions for characters I have never met or heard of to that point (King Henselt), so that's a little weird. How am I supposed to know what that character would do? And if those decisions are essentially meaningless, and it doesn't matter what I choose, then why have me make them? Strange.

Demon's Souls NG+: Ha ha, I have half a mind to go for 100% on this game, and spent a fair bit of time working out what that would entail. Basically I'd have to finish the NG+ playthrough, and then do it all two and a half more times after that. Got the 'Learned all Miracles' achievement this weekend, and am at 56% completion.

LA Noire: It finally clicked with me and I finished off the Traffic Cases. Pros: Beautiful gameworld, great acting, interesting game mechanic. Cons: they'll never live up to the movies and fiction about this period, some of the cases seem a little half-baked, clunky cover system.

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