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Re: The Witcher 2

I was in doubt whether the game would ever go to consoles, but I do think it is part of the plan now after playing it (not in a bad way). In fact, I would be happy to see it on consoles since CD Projeckt more than deserve extra sales for the effort they've made, plus it would further threaten BioWare, which is only a good thing since I think we can all agree they've become massively complacent.

It'd be a different story if the game was being developed for all formats at once, mind, but since the PC version is here and done then I think it's fine to port it to consoles later. However, should the game gain a large amount of popularity -- and it likely will -- I would consider it a test of how CD Projeckt will adapt to becoming a truly big developer. Will they continue to respect and make games for their community, or go down the Bethesda/BioWare path and start to take the piss? Probably the latter, but then there'll be another indy dev to take their place. Such is the way of things.

Getting too far ahead of myself there though. =p
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