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Re: Last movie impressions

Scott Pilgrim Versus The World
Lame, lolz <random 8-bit sound>
I found myself checking the watch quite often, to see when the movie is finally over. Thats usually a bad sign. I don't really "get" the movie I'm afraid. The protagonists are all unlikeable twats with the social skills of a rock under water. The random video game references made me sad since in a video game I can at least mash random buttons and do something. Here I was doomed to watch SP play himself in a series of boss fights that would have been more interesting if it would have been Mortal Kombat. Since I usually have to say that a game had a good story for a video game, I could also say SP has a good story for a video game. As a movie it falls flat.

Fast Five
Ha, we didn't see that one coming! After Vin Diesel and the Rock both realized nobody takes them serious as serious actors, they team up to create Frankenstein's monster of car movies. If you are someone who enjoyed the first two F&F movies you will probably also enjoy this one. If this is your first F&F movie you might leave the theater confused and traumatized by Vin Diesels mighty forearm. It plays in some alternative universe where you are some kind of superhero as soon as you're able to drift a car around a corner very fast. The illegal street racing angle has all but disappeared. Instead they're now in the organized crime business which copies elements from oceans eleven, without touching it's class. That said it's a surprisingly entertaining movie that knows it's just popcorn entertainment and never tries to be more.
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