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What are you playing right now?

I know we already have the 'Post here when you beat a game' thread, but we don't finish all the games we play, so it's a bit exclusionary. It might be good to have this thread for general comments, and then if you beat a game, you can crown your achievement by posting in the other thread! Plus, I feel the need to rant about a game I may never beat

MLB 09: The Show (PS3).

Aaarrggh! I'm playing this in Road to the Show mode, with my starting pitcher, Pedro Pedroza. It's a fantastic game, and is so true-to-life it's almost like watching a baseball game. Great commentary by Matt Vasgersian too.

Cactus League didn't go so well for Pedro, who had an ERA of 28.00 after two games. Though he recovered well, the White Sox offered him only a minor league contract, for 35K a year at the Birmingham Barons. He spent his first season playing double-A ball, where the Barons made the playoffs and he gained various player of the year accolades.

Year two saw a promotion to triple-A Charlotte, and this is where the problems started. While the game is fantastically true to life, I think that it has to game the player a little. Specifically, your fielders throw an enormous amount of balls back over first base and into the stands, resulting in quite a few doubles at critical moments for the opposing team. I think this is a device to combat player agency (ie not let your ERA sink ridiculously low) and also build in drama and critical moments and as such it leaves a sour taste in the mouth. Along with that, your manager doesn't distinguish between your good pitching and the fielders' bad fielding. So just now, I'd pitched 8 shutout innings, allowing 2 hits. Just as I started the ninth, I got an easy ground ball to shortstop, who proceeded to throw it into the stands, allowing the leadoff batter to reach second base. Pedro was promptly yanked from the game, on a fielder error and when he was on course for a complete game shutout! Hugely frustrating!

Great game all the same, though playing a pitcher is mostly just a matter of following the catcher's instructions and hitting your spots. Not sure if there's enough gameplay to sustain it.

Right, I'm going to make a nice calming cup of tea and get stuck into the Witcher 2.
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