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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
Really? I found spells and miracles to be true life savers. I usually have warding and/or light weapon memorized and evacuate is great for a quick retreat if shit hits the fan
Yeah, I don't usually play a mage in RPGs so I totally ignored the magic and miracles. I'm going for the 'learn all miracles' achievement this time through though, and I also just learned Soulsucker which is endless fun. It never gets old to backstab that Black Skeleton at the end of 4-1 and get 10,000 souls. I'm thinking of turning some of the worlds black so I can backstab a few Black Phantoms too.

I will for sure play online again. The online aspect of Demon's Souls was brilliant and I don't feel like playing it in offline mode anymore...
The thing is, PSN went down just as I was hitting a decent soul level, so I went through the second half of the game without any online play. So I'm a little afraid to go back online now as it could be a bit of a headache while I'm trophy whoring. So I've kinda missed out on the online aspect.

There are some very nice Dark Souls screens on Amazon
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