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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

I doubt that those beacons will act as "save anywhere"-feature like your average quicksave/quickload function. I think it will probably be more like a save that allows you to get back to the game the position you left it. I can't imagine that From Software would include a feature that would make the game considerably easier

Originally Posted by Pedro View Post
I learned one spell in my first playthough. One! And that was poison cloud because I couldn't deal with Flamelurker.
Really? I found spells and miracles to be true life savers. I usually have warding and/or light weapon memorized and evacuate is great for a quick retreat if shit hits the fan

I know. Awesome possibilities! I don't like that the devs are emphasising the multiplayer so much though. I hope the game is beatable in single player.
I'm pretty sure it will be. After the PSN debacle they can't presume that every PS3 owner is online and not every Xbox owner uses XBL gold.

I will for sure play online again. The online aspect of Demon's Souls was brilliant and I don't feel like playing it in offline mode anymore...
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