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Re: Kinect

Originally Posted by ubergoat View Post
the more fire sony gets for the PSN debacle the better microsoft will look. It won't help us now, but devs are aware that there are a lot of people jumping ship to xbox and that will help them justify in their company coming out with more kinect games.
Will definitely be interesting how much of a backlash Sony will have to suffer due to that incidence, but Kinect only is imo primarily for first partys and for cheap shovelware games with some exceptions. Similar to the wii.
Multiplatformgames have to work with standard controls. The problem of the wii was the lacking HW-power and online support, so it was either ignored completely or got a rather poor port. Doing all or even optional Kinect controls seem hard, because "you're the controller" is completely different than "it does buttons". Doing optional Move support is rather easy, at least for shooters.

Afaik the Ps3 has overtaken the Box just this year in worldwide sales. So suddenly ignoring the PS, when for some months the statistics told that more and more users own a PS3, is not going to happen and i guess the PSN issue won't have an impact on sales numbers for longer than current and next month.
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