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Re: What Comics Are You Reading?

Originally Posted by Chi Kong Lui View Post
I got caught up on The Boys after getting a little tired of how slow the story was developing and the quality of the writing was dropping. After catching up on the latest 15 odd issues, I'm happy to see some relationships progress, but story/writing still feels subpar. Ennis just seems to be stretching his ideas and plot way too thin.
As soon as I saw the title of this thread, I clicked to mention that I have also been reading The Boys, religiously. I'm a huge fan of Ennis' work on the two The Punisher series he worked on for a few years (both the Marvel Knights and MAX imprints were excellent, in different ways), and so took the plunge with the first two collected volumes of The Boys. By the time I'd finished the first volume, I had ordered volumes 3-5, and by the end of volume 4, I had ordered 6 and 7, and pre-oredered volume 8.

Other than the sub-standard Herogasm miniseries, I've loved every moment of The Boys. I love how it has a sense of humour, extreme depiction of violence, and above all, how grim it all is. I can also understand why I read a lot of scepticism on the series, often for the very reasons I've just praised it for.

Just finished volume 8 a couple of days ago, which is the storyline where Hughie goes back to Scotland for a bit. I was very pleasently suprised by how good it was. The last few pages made a very audible "fucking hell!" (you'll know why if I said "Vigors", Chi )come from my mouth, which is rare for me whilst reading.

Regarding the recommendation of 2000AD by Pedro- haven't read that since I was about eleven, but to this day I'm a huge Dredd fan. Keep meaning to get round to buying the collected volumes of that.

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