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Has anyone beaten the nintendogs Cup at the disc competition? i can't seem to throw the Frisbee far enough so it reaches the zone rings. Does anyone have a strategy that can help me? Is one Frisbee better than another?
The best frisbee to use for distance without going to fast is the lolly pop. I don't know why, but it is a TON easier for me to use then a regular frisbee after you practice with it. Practice is the key word though, it's hard to use well as soon as you get it. But it doesn't take much practice.

And if speed is a problem for your pup, I've discovered that the boomarang is amazing to train them on that. Throw it hard enough to make a full loop. The pups will chase it, but cant catch it very easily. My pup's speed for both lure coursing and frisbee competition increased tremendously without too much effort.

Hope you find that helpful!
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