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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Wipeout HD Fury

Fury expansion improved the already good Wipeout HD a lot. The new modes are great fun with their variety i hardly would have expected in any racing game.
I liked Zone-mode best in the original game, which was basically time trial challenges with intense colors. Here Zone Battle was added. Similar, but with opponents also want to reach the speed goal.
Eliminator, ~deathmatch, was a bit too much luck by getting random items since the quake wave is the most powerful one and getting it at least once makes winning much easier than with all other items.
Detonator was the most surprise for me because it turned the game into a shoot em up. While racing you had to shoot mines and try to survive the increasing speed.
Generally unfunny is imho the last speed class; Phantom. I already hated it in the original but although Fury was easier Phantom class was imo again almost impossible to play. Reacting to any curve correctly demands super reflexes i apparently don't have so it was a flipper experience where i totter from one wall to the other... crap. While hard was ok most of the time, with Phantom i had to switch to easy mode and still had problems. The track design has to be much more like in F-Zero GX to allow such speeds.

Overall it's a must-have for any PS3 owner who likes all sorts of racing games or specifically Extreme-G, F-Zero or the previous Wipeouts.
Definitely worth the price.
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