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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Killzone 3
It is in every respect better than Killzone 2. Controls feel more responsive, without loosing the 'weighty' feel of Killzone. The graphics are also better. Not just from a technical standpoint, but also in terms of variety and: colors! The color palette is not limited to grey, brown and greyish-brown anymore, which really helps in making a game not look boring. My favourite level is the stealth-section in the helghan jungle of death. Apart from stealthy sneaking action, some vehicle and turrent sections are also making a comeback to break up the action. Unlike in Killzone 2 everything stays 1st person, no 3rd person vehicle sections anymore.

The on-rails shooting galleries are my only complaint in terms of levels. Especially the last ones are a tad frustrating. Story is half decent. I can relate much more than I could in the predecessor. Partly because the characters manage to talk in a normal fashion and without excessive swearing. In the Killzone 2 there were some weird sections where a tank would wait for you single soldier to clear the bridge. That doesn't happen anymore. I had the feeling I'm part of an ongoing war, not the lone focal point.

I haven't played multiplayer yet, but I will surely try my luck. Overall I like it more than Killzone 2, Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops or any Halo I played (1 and 2 ), which makes it my favourite FPS since CoD 4. Also by virtue of not being a semi-realistic present-day military shooter Favourite FPS that is, not my favourite shooter, since that crown belongs to Vanquish.
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