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Re: Last movie impressions

Fast Track/ The Ex
Way too often it's terribly embarrassing.

Fuori dalle corde
A young boxer loosing one fight (apparently because the winner was predetermined), so he has to start again to get another fight. His sister supports his full time boxing career since years by working in a fish company, and hating it, her non existent life, depending on and demanding him winning finally an important fight.
He trains hard, but the fight gets canceled, his last chance to pay back their debts. So he accepts an offer to fight illegally, without rules.
There he is starting to loose even more...
The beginning was brilliant, although the chronological jump was a bit inelegantly done. The drama was intense and showing drastically that money rules the world. Even if you're talented you often have no chance.
But i didn't like the later half with Fight Club scenes and evil Croatian promoters and violence loving rich people or his friendship with a disillusioned fighter. It seemed to become dull, loosing the social element and becoming a kind of surreal violent movie about desperate people.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor
ok to watch once

The Happening
The suicide scenes were spine-chilling, nature attacking their biggest threat is a great idea, but everything else was too often just strange and comical. Which i actually liked in the director's previous work, Lady in the Water, but seemed inappropriate for a movie that could have been real Horror with a point.
(Hope The Swarm movie gets better. Especially gets rid of the cheap second half.)
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