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Re: Last movie impressions

Originally Posted by RandomRob View Post
those shows owe everything to films like Rear Window.
I acknowledge that there are movies like this or The Sting or Killing or the original War of the Worlds ... but only because they were defining some film concepts they should entertain me the same way as modern films have to, but can't quite often.
I'm no nostalgia fan.
I think you are judging the film as a thriller or a mystery.. it's neither.
I judge films as entertainment or food for reflection and i found nothing good in both areas.
Out of curiosity i read Ebert's opinion and he wrote that it was released as entertainment and now is art. huh? Heighten something on a holy pedestal just because it's old, "started" something?
And i disagree with him on the suspense point. Cheap surprise might be usual for many teeny slasher crap films, but Rear Window is for me definitely nothing that is really suspenseful when compared to e.g. The Usual Suspects or Arlington Road.

What Hitchcock films do you like?
I'm not really sure i have seen many. Vertigo was the only one i like i can think of at the moment.
I don't like many movies from pre 60s era i think.
Modern Times, The Great Dictator, Battleship Potemkin, Giant, Gone with the wind and What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?.
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