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Re: Last movie impressions

Originally Posted by RandomRob View Post
oh no
oh yes.
I think Hitchcock did a phenomenal job in filming some interesting scripts but the way he did it is not very entertaining for todays standards.
e.g. Disturbia is much better than Rear Window. Real laughs instead of slight giggles and no wondering why telling a murder mystery so slow with useless shots of watching some totally unimportant neighbors (just for a happy end scene...).
And i don't like it how the relationship between Grace and James works. She loves him, has to change, while he actually stays all the same while insisting no one can ever change in the beginning. He is sort of dumb and still get's a great girl and i have no idea why a great girl should be happy with such an ignorant selfish man. Actually totally unimportant to the main story but because the movie focused often long on subplots it's getting worse the longer i think about it.
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