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Re: Last movie impressions

Yes Man
Better than i expected. A fine Liar Liar "sequel" and a bit more serious.

Berlin 1885, la ruée sur l'Afrique
Africa is divided by western countrys, the map is drawn almost randomly and not a single African is present.
The documentary comments were interesting the play scenes rather odd and telling not much details which could not have been said by much less lines by a narrator.

Reminded me often of Jason Bourne, just sniping instead of close combat. But the evil was a little too much on the Bond side, just too much "wanna rule the world", "don't care for anything" super villain.

Rear Window
My mom "warned" me before: no bad movie but also boring/ too long.
I agree with her.
Her opinion was based on having seen it some decades ago and i don't think she has seen any of the many modern faster paced ripoffs.

Thank You for Smoking
Excellent satire.
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