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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom (played on PC with XBox Pad)
The black and white silent movie style and the music were well done, the story was amusing nonsense (about cakes and little hungry Percy and a fire and blabla) but the core were the diverse puzzles.
Every variant of the clone gameplay was introduced in easy start levels in each chapter and then got harder to the end. Especially liked the "evil" clones when i was forced to plan my routes to not touch with myself. Tough when 5 of my clones are already endlessly repeating their routes and finding a way through. AI movement is bad in some games but playing kind of against yourself is great.
I had to look up the solution on one quite early level ... i doubt i would have done it myself in the correct way ever. But overall it's not that hard. At least i found everything else doable.
The extra levels were also fun. It got more intuitive after the first hours spent in story mode. Repeating and of course altering my approach brought me continually to better solutions. Though not even close to the best when i look at the leaderboards. It got more active less static than at the beginning when i wasn't used to the controls and the mechanics and often just examined it until i knew how to do it.

Steam sale price was a steal, regular price of 3.99 is very ok for the quality, but 800 MSP feels slightly too high for the play time of in my case 10 hours (incl. all bonus levels). I guess -5 if you are a puzzle expert, +5 if you're into climbing leaderboards.
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