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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Oops, I did it again...
Finished Dragon Age: Awakening and the add-on Witch Hunt. Together with Lelianas Song that is pretty much everything I wanted to do with Dragon Age before the second one comes out (just in time one might argue). I like about Dragon Age (overall, not only awakening) how my actions and decisions have impact on the game world. However, the transition from Origins to Awakening is a bit sloppy. I did end up importing my useless mage after all and found some spell combinations I didn't think of before. As usual with my Dragon Age mage by accident and with the worst possible timing. I'm getting sidetracked here.

Ok, transition: I played the beginning of Awakening also with a new char, an Orlesian warden and pretty much the only difference I noticed was NPC saying "Oh, you're the new guy", instead of "Oh, you're the hero". For example I found it pretty weak that my approval with Oghren didn't carry over. At the end of Origins we were on really good terms and suddenly we're back at 0? He was the only party member from Origins to show up in Awakening, thus I don't think it would have made a huge difference to just let me still be friends with him? The new party members are not much better or worse than the old ones I suppose. Apart from Alistair and Leliana I didn't like the people from the first game that much. Oghren was just too stereotypical, Wynne likes to hear herself talk and Morrigan? Come on... someone who lives in the woods all that time and still uses more make-up than Dir En Grey?

Awakening and the whole DLC-package has the same problems Origins had in terms of pacing and scripting. Dungeons are quite predictable after a while. The worst being all those little 'ambushes' along the way. I specifically remember one section in Awakening in that Dwarven Ruins where there are no less than 5 'suprise attacks' in a row. They might catch you off guard the first time (not so much if your game goes into pause automatically when a fight starts ). But after the fifth ambush in a row by exactly the same composition of units (just 2 or three more for good measure), I started wondering if they might have run out of ideas half an hour ago.
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