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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Dragon Age: Origins finally done. Started it waaaay back when it came out and now I finally found the time (and motivation ) do deal with the archdemon. Played an elven mage that I skilled indecisive. I could do a little bit of everything. Most of the later fights involve me running in circles to prevent being beaten senseless, while my party is doing the damage. What a hero.

Demon dead, Alistair king (made him marry his half-brothers widow just for giggles), Leliana romanced, elves liberated, dwarves reformed, mages independent, Morrigan pregnant, world saved... did I forget anything?

Since I have the ultimate edition I can now start with Awakenings. I'm not sure if I should import my character or better start a new one... is there a lot 'lost' when starting a new character?

p.s.: looking at this thread I have the feeling I'm the only one playing games right now
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