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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Alpha Protocol - finished it last night despite all the bugs and glitches because I wanted to know how it ends. It's a shame what happened to this game, since it had quite some potential. Obsidian has this tendency to throw out games that could be great if only they would spend some of their budget on QA. I like how AP allows quite some freedom in terms of who to ally with and who to execute. On the other hand it's pretty restrictive in its level design, forcing you down a corridor most of the time. This game would be awesome if it would have levels that allow multiple approaches like in Hitman. And if the combat system would make any sense. And if the AI wouldn't get mental every 5 minutes, either spotting you with x-ray-vision through walls or not noticing you at all despite you literally bumping into the guards. Was way more fun than Black Ops, even with all the bugs.
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