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Re: Last movie impressions

Originally Posted by RandomRob View Post
It got a fan following because no one had ever seen fully rendered animated CGI on a big screen before, and the story had a naive charm.
Naive yes, but charm? Are you a fan of the first Tron perhaps?

That being said, I disagree with you that Tron:Legacy catered to anyone who was a fan of the original film.
I didn't see the appeal of Tron back then and I still don't see it now. However, I was in the cinema with a fan of the old film and he liked Legacy and was happy about it. So I figured he and people like him were the target audience. He would be no part of a teenage focus group by any stretch of imagination

For a pile of shit the soundtrack was really nice. And I like the overall style more than in the cheesy predecessor. But as I said I didn't like the original Tron to begin with, thus I'm not the target audience here...
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