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Re: Last movie impressions

Hindenburg 1&2
It tried really hard to be something like the Cameron Titanic. But that was the problem for me. Instead of just telling the last journey of the Hindenburg and some side stories or a single focused one as Titanic did, it had to add so much detail the main event that only lasts some minutes almost felt irrelevant.
Not even as good as the other Titanic from 1996...
Cut the film to a 90 minute event without the conspiracy thing without the Jew/Nazi encounter, without the strange entertainer, without the skirmish for captain on the ship, without the overemphasized music, with a more documentary feel would have been much better.

Saibogujiman kwenchana (I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK)
I'm not sure if i got the big point of the whole thing, style felt better than the substance, but interesting experience nevertheless as i like those love stories with faulty, and thus human characters.

The Day the Earth Stood Still
It should have been a great movie, but except the effects everything could not match the idea.
An annoying child, military stubbornness, the elite talking too few lines, the Aliens being sort of unprepared...
Aliens showing us the red card should be much better than this. Disappointing.
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