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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Killzone 2 - it already inspired me to start another thread about the premise of invading a planet with lack of justification other than "they look like Nazis". I am still undecided about the controls. On one hand I found them too unresponsive at times and was sometimes accidentally knocking out people in melee instead of aiming at them. On the other hand I really like the feel for the momentum of the the character I controlled. It felt like controlling a human, while in most shooters I feel like controlling a floating camera with a gun attached to it.

In terms of graphics and sound it's the most beautiful ugly game I ever played. Yeah I get it, it's Helghast an industrial hellhole, but they could put a nice park there or maybe a shopping mall with architecture more complex than bland concrete blocks with connecting steel bars. Talking about Helghast: I thought the atmosphere is so brutal that the Helghan ended up wearing gas masks. However, the ISA soldiers seem to have no problem breathing normally, while the Helghan still carry their gas masks. Hmmm...

The gas-mask-fetishists are pretty tough enemies in any case (apart from being easy to snipe thanks to the glowing red eyes). Even the standard Helghan are remarkably clever for FPS cannon fodder.

Overall a solid FPS that I enjoyed playing, even though I still think the invasion was a mistake and most of my squadmates were idiots.
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