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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
I find it weird that just because someone doesn't run into the store to buy all major platforms is suddenly thrown into console warfare trenches. Do I have to write a huge disclaimer that I don't hate the other platforms and think they're perfectly viable in front of every posting from now on?
I know what you mean!! I don't get it so much on here thankfully, but it does seem to be the assumption that if you own one console other another, you're into said petty squabbling. Which is pointless. Then I feel I have to point out "I'm not a fanboy!", which probably makes it sound like I actually am...

If anything, I think the PS3 has a much better exclusives library than the Xbox, if just for Demon's Souls and the Ratchet & Clank series. The PC has The Witcher, another I really want to play, and... you get the idea. I'm digressing heavily now, perhaps someone should start a new thread on the subject.
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