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Re: Dark Souls (previously Project Dark)

Originally Posted by ckzatwork View Post
Too much sunlight on the trailer and screenshots. I want my entire Demon's Souls 2 to be as pitch black as World 3.
I don't, for the same reason I felt CoDBlOps was rather stale: if the entire game is black as world 3 the area looses a lot of it's impact. Similar to the explosions and crashing helicopters in CoDBlOps loose their impact since they happen all the time (incidentally: why not take a look at my review of CodBlOps? ). If you have a few areas of light that feel (relatively) safe, the darkness has more impact as if everything would be pitch black.

btw. according to the designers there will be no safe haven in Dark Souls. Nothing like the nexus in Demon's Souls. Which of course makes me wonder if their playtesters never have a bathroom break?

Originally Posted by abfackeln View Post
The 360 and PS3 have almost identical libraries. Both have a equally as good exclusives.
I don't think so. I mean: that comes down to personal taste, doesn't it? I could of course count up similar games like comparing Halo: Reach with Killzone 3 and then say it's pretty much even. However I never really liked Halo (not blown away by Killzone either, but that's not the point) thus it never influenced my buying decision.

However, I adored Demon's Souls from the first time I had a look at it and I don't know anything like it on the XBox. That doesn't mean that I hate the XBox or that I wish any Microsoft employee any harm. I would buy one if I would have the money left (which I don't). I also found Valkyria Chronicles very interesting, which you can't simply balance out with Gears of War (about which I simply don't care about) or Ninja Blade or whatever. Both platforms have really strong titles but in the end it's my personal taste that made me choose a PS3 and it's not a choice I made lightly.

I find it weird that just because someone doesn't run into the store to buy all major platforms is suddenly thrown into console warfare trenches. Do I have to write a huge disclaimer that I don't hate the other platforms and think they're perfectly viable in front of every posting from now on?
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