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Re: Last movie impressions

Just came back from Sanctum. Supposedly, this yarn about a troupe of spelunkers set in Papua New Guinea is based on a true story. I doubt it, since it feels like just about every other disaster movie you've seen.

It starts out with a group of ten spelunkers exploring a deep chasm located in Papua New Guinea; everyone is looking for a path that leads from this cave to the Pacific Ocean. A major cyclone eventually hits; half of them make it out before the other half are sealed up after a giant boulder seals off their immediate exit.

I will say that Sanctum has some nice underwater photography that looks nice in 3D, but that's the only bit I liked. The film squarely focuses on the trapped cave explorers, and the story is actually rather predictable; the character who is often in the most mortal of danger is usually the one to die next.

I think Sanctum is a B- for those who just drool over underwater photography, but for everyone else, it's a C-.
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