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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

I beat Deadly Premonition last friday and it made me glad I bought an Xbox 360.
That game is still haunting me, I put Dead Space 2 into the box right after finishing DP and played through Dead Space 2 till sunday, but I still kept thinking about Deadly Premonition.
The accoustic guitar track with the guy kinda humming along is stuck in my head since friday, I would love to buy the OST because there were some really good songs in the game, unfortunately they are not selling a soundtrack.

I love how a game with PS2 graphics and a less than ideal combat system managed to make a more lasting impression on me than the first big hit megaseller of the year.
Deadly Premonition is just that good, I have never enjoyed a character in a videogame as much as Francis York Morgan.
Also DP is what made me discover this site and forum, I think the review by Daniel Weissenberger is spot on, I just wish more people would buy this game.
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