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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

The first half was ingenious. The hostile world killing me on every possible occasion although after the fantastic spider scene i was so fearful and slowly advancing- which killed me of course too- it was like the game was sadistically forcing me to act wrong.
Then it got more gamey, one puzzle after the other in this mechanic industrial world, and i started to look up solutions of the last parts as soon i was first stuck with a gravity puzzle because i hate puzzles in games where puzzling is not the core of the game for me. I like puzzle games (see above) but as with adventure games i hate it when puzzles stop me from advancing in games were the story or in this case the non-story is the core for me.
Visual presentation was awesome. While the game peaked very early with the spider the style was great until the end. Loved especially the moment when almost the entire screen was dark and the feeling of really walking in a dark area arised, though everything necessary to see was visible (Doom3 did that terribly wrong). And also the final move, how it was directed... the minimalistic sound, touched me emotionally somehow. Fantastic!
This game had the most creepy atmosphere since Psychonauts' room with the burning kindergarten and thus definitely more horror than RE4 or Dead Space for me. While DS at least had brilliant sound, other games tend to think horror is gore and zombies. Gore and zombies are most of the times either disgusting or stupid comedy for me, that's the opposite of horrifying.

Listened to the Limbo podcast and wonder what this shit about the sister i also did not get should add to the game?
The meaning of the title alone, Limbo (obviously i don't mean the dance), together with the feeling within the game of experiencing a nightmare or hell was a perfectly working story which can be filled with the players imagination.

Sure, i can make up a story that i was playing the afterlife of a man (actually no boy at all anymore) who has lost his girlfriend (or sister, or his child) in the jungle in africa 1900 and after that has engaged himself in work in the city as an caretaker of a hotel (Lady in the Water...), but his mind always coming back to this woman. Which makes sense, i guess, but the final part in the end feels nevertheless tacked on, because it was too much game, changing the color of the start yarn.

It could have been one of my favorite games ever, if there would not have been the latter puzzle segments.
Nevertheless recommend it to everyone.

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