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Re: PSP2! (or Next Generation Portable - NGP), PS Suite

The digital foundry pondering about the NGP.

Originally Posted by crackajack View Post
Makes it a little more probable that my next phone will be an Android, although i don't know a single PS-One game i want.
Metal Gear Solid or FFVII? I'm pretty sure the batteries of the phone die by the point the intro finishes

I'm agreeing with you overall.
I'm intrigued by the hardware. The games lineup also sounds pretty impressive (and more diverse than what the 3DS showed so far), considering that you can play the entire PS One library as well. Which is great for me, since I didn't have a PS One and this could be the opportunity for me to get some of the classics.

My buying decision will depend on the retail price of course. If I can get a XBox 360 plus TV for less I will not buy it. The 3DS price is pretty inflated already and I'm afraid Sony might aim even higher.
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