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Re: PSP2! (or Next Generation Portable - NGP), PS Suite

The PSP2 looks fine, bringing the PSP concept to the standard i except a PSP2 should have.
2 Sticks as the PSP1 should already have had and the motion-touch-thing mobiles and the DS established, and ~PS3-power. The touchpad on the back seems fine for games were direct controls on the screen would disturb a bit. But a pen has more precision than (fat) fingers. There the DS-solution is the best.
Overall sounds great for those who want to play there console games mobile.
Something like steamplay (+cloud) would be extremely nice if the ports can be done like PS3-twins... then i might be interested a little more. Just get the hardware for some minutes of mobile gaming, but not pay twice for the same game. I would definitely buy a game on the device with bigger screen, i.e. PS3, and not buy both. If it offers such a service, and i get one, eventually some PSP-specific games might also be more interesting.
And the price will hardly be under the already overpriced 3DS but maybe under the heavily overpriced iphone. Still too much compared to PS360.

Originally Posted by Li-Ion View Post
There is no unified gaming platform for Android yet and Sony seems to be convinced to be able to fill that gap.
i-device, Android are established, Live-phone sounds quite competitive, a 4th platform will have a hard time, so just jump on one of the trains sounds right.
Makes it a little more probable that my next phone will be an Android, although i don't know a single PS-One game i want.

Just watched a video of the games. While everything that comes for the 3DS looks like last gen, maybe Gamecube standard, with a 3D-gimmick-feature no video can show me and, so far i can trust my imagination, won't excite me, this really is close to the PS3 and looks actually really good. Though the sticks are positioned too low. Might be uncomfortable for me.

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