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Re: Last movie impressions

The Way Back
A movie based on a book by a Polish sergeant in WW2. He claimed to have broken out from a gulag in Siberia and with some other prisoners walked all the way to India. However, the book was debunked in 2006, which makes this move a purely fictional story, despite the opening suggesting those people actually walked all the way down there.

The movie itself was good, with some (involuntarily?) funny moments but not much of action going on apart from walking, starving and looking for water. I liked it but it's surely no movie for everyone, a couple of people left the cinema early because they probably expected a bit more than just walking.

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Luc Besson had hits some years ago, but since Fifth Element he seems to produce and direct only mediocre films.
Why does everyone forget the excellent Taken with Liam Neeson playing the most angry man in 2008? The angryness could only be topped by Clint Eastwood in Gran Torino.
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