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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Puzzle Dimension
I didn't like the invisible blocks (actually transparent on certain positions) and that the camera could not be moved really free in pause mode. There should have been an adventure like point and click control mode better suited to PC-gaming, but the mechanics with various blocks, e.g. one i can use only once, were fun and satisfying each time a level was beaten.
Choosing a ball as the player figure was rather a bad choice, because i assume a ball should be able to roll in all directions freely and so i very often thought moving diagonally would be best now, but the game allows rolling only in 4 directions (or jumping). A wall-e robot or whatever cubically form would have suited that design better.
Pixelated graphics which are unpixelated in the course of the game looked great.
Took me 20 hours to finish everything.
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