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Re: Last movie impressions

Originally Posted by RandomRob View Post
The Fountain
Absolutely perfect film.
Yeah, i liked that a lot, and Pi also.

Arthur et les Minimoys
Luc Besson had hits some years ago, but since Fifth Element he seems to produce and direct only mediocre films.
The visuals of this European Pixar/Dreamworks competitor were fine, but investing 70mio € in this story is ridiculous.

The Rules of Attraction
The film adaption of American Psycho lost much of the impact the book had, haven't read the book of RoA but the movie seem to deliver its point perfectly.
The beginning was incredibly good done. Don't know why this movie is not more known. Might just lack the obvious brutality and gore of American Psycho, so is really just for those who get the story.

Hard Times
Much too slow pacing and implausible character actions. Hardly Bronsons worst movie but dissociate from the girl he loves (?) without a second thought and helping the promoter that wanted to sell him is weird. And the end hurt. Disney style love, peace and harmony...?

Sorstalanság (Fateless)
Expect the end it was a bit pointless.
It shows the story of a 14year old Jew from Budapest in WW2. Fist "only" wearing the yellow star, then having to work instead of going to school and finally his Odyssey through various concentration camps.
The horror of boundless inhumanity was frightening as always, but i could not follow his feelings especially with the end. There should have been more monologues.

Kick it like Sara
Very average teen movie.

Tropic Thunder
Tom Cruise and the disrespectful take on Hollywood and their inhabitants was awesome.
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