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Cool Re: Grand Slam Tennis Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

I've beaten serve and volleyers easily just by doing this trick that I discovered after several experimentations:

1. If your opponent is the server, hot the ball down-the-line...tip: hit with your backhand with a slice when you're receiving from the right side of the box. Even if your opponent serve to your forehand, still hit with your backhand... most of the time, I win here automatically.

2. Next, if your opponent is able to return it back to you, be very patient. We need the proper timing here. Allow your opponent to approach the net as closed as possible. This will caught them offguard and will have difficulty to run and chase an overhead.

3. By hitting a top spin down-the-line lob (regardless whether your opponent is a left or right hander), your opponent usually cannot reach it... YOU WILL WIN!

Note: If you are playing online, an you noticed that your opponent is using a nunchuck, try hitting a crosscourt at times when receiving a serve (especially if he directs it to the middle)... this could either force them to return the ball to your side (and so you can go back to #2 and 3 tips)

I hope I help you all on this.
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