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Re: Last movie impressions

Das Fremde in mir (probably: The alien in(side) me? or stranger?)
It's about a couple getting their first child, a planned child and they are happily excited. But after the birth the mother can't connect to her child, she feels not like she intended to, she feels actually nothing. Each day were she has to pretend to be a loving mother is getting harder and while feeling helpless, not loving her child isn't something she can admit to anyone. The daily housework, getting some milk or tidy up, is neglected, instead she is constantly thinking what's wrong, crying feeling inadequate.
One day she silently slips out of their bed early in the morning, gets away from her town and lays herself down in a forest, to die...

Impressive take on the problem many mothers have after giving birth. The documentation that ran afterwards said iirc 10-15% of all mothers have postpartum depression (one doctor claimed that too much use of pharmaceuticals, not giving natural birth is the major cause) and some cannot escape that phase because society or they themselves demand that they have to enjoy being mother which makes it even more difficult when those supposed to be natural feelings are not appearing. Or they drown in fear of doing it as bad as they have their own childhood in memory. Or they want everything inhumanly perfect.

Being chased on the road for no reason, feeling helpless because no one witnesses it, ok, fine idea, but the driving and many actions are just weird and funny. The truck cruising without a problem at 100mph, always in a straight line and he in his car constantly acts like he is rally racing in Monte Carlo. But the best comedic scene is when he walks to that guy in the dinner and just says: "stop "it"". That's something i'd expect in Scary Movie when one screaming girl would walk to the killer and after a hesitating moment ask to stop killing her. Hilarious.
For a beginner movie quite good and the idea would deserve a proper remake, but it's only a unintentionally funny thriller for me.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets
Liked it, although the couple quarrel was annoying. Movies should stop to bring in some action through pairs that seem to always split up in between movies and then always find back together.
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