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Talking Re: Art of Murder: Hunt for Puppeteer Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strategy Guid

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im not sure what all the evidence is i got the doll fingerprint the mark on the window the items from the drawers but i cant leave yet i think its the crystall on her mouth if you know plese tell me
In the first bit, the evidence that you need to collect is the doll, fingerprint, a dirty swab of her mouth ( the crystals) which is made out of the cotton and the matchsticks by combining them, and before you put the guest book in your inventory you MUST take a photo of it. I made that mistake of collecting it withuot taking a photo of it so i had to restart the game. after photographing the sign on the window you need to go into the rehearsal room and on the floor is the shadow of the + sign that was on the window. There is a loose plank that you use one of the tools you collected from the drawer ( cant remember what its called ) and it lifts it up. The plank comes off and has a number on the back of it. Put this into an evidence bag. And you need a total of 6 photographs to pass the level. They are 2 of the body, one of the sign on the window, one of the fingerprints, one of the guest book in the drawer and one of all your evidence. Then you see the guard and hand over all your evidence and exit throught the door. There is a walkthrough that i used to help me in tricky bits. Just type this into the address bar at the top of your google screen:
Hope i have been helpful
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