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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

Flatout: Ultimate Carnage (PC)
I loved the demo of the original Flatout ... never bought it. I actually own Flatout 2. It was a magazine addition ... never played it. Now i bought the Flatout UC and finally didn't put it to the side.

Car and object physics are most of the time very well. Burnout might have more impressive car deformation, but the whole race of Flatout often seems to be a constant crash. The Burnout demo seemed faster, but i got bored very soon. At Flatout it makes much fun to plow through the obstacles in the level and the opponents.
The first two thirds of the campaign are great. Not really easy, but it's doable to win while crashing like a suicidal maniac. Not even necessary to become first all the time to win a cup, which is unrealistic and unfun in other games.
But the fun fades in the last class. The game is just too long to keep the entertainment factor with always over the top action supported by impellent music. The music tracks get annoying and i turned music completely off. It was to penetrative to hear those few Indie rock songs on endless loop for 20 hours. (listened to some of my albums instead. multitasking ftw.). And in this class it gets frustrating when you then have to win 3 out of 5 races to win at the end. The best CPU-driver is always in front and the game also starts to sort of cheat. (at least here it became obvious while before it might just not have been visible). No matter how often he crashs, makes u-turns, which always cost me some important seconds, he just starts his nitro and rockets himself to the front. Especially unfun when i always start on twelfth position while my rival is in front shortly after the start and i have to work my way through the unfriendly AI and avoid any crash, cause that costs me precious time in the chase.

The Carnage mode on the other side is great and could have been even longer. Races where you have to jump and crash as much as possible to get points, time trial races were you have to keep pushing all the time because a bomb is ticking and special events were you have to throw your driver and he basically becomes a ball. Baseball, soccer, football... The german cut version is actually better than the original imo, because in their version you play as a crash test dummy. I found the real man with screams rather macabre and inappropriate.

Online seems to be almost dead even though recent Steam sale should have brought some new players like me. And i don't like its menu at all.
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