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Re: Last movie impressions

Semi Pro
I like Ferrell but while Blades of Glory and Ricky Bobby had some hilarious moments here it was too often lame.

The Haunting of Molly Hartley
Kind of funny how hard it tried to be surprising. At least it got my attention. I just had to know how they want to unscrew this screw up.

Fuk sau (Vengeance)
Mememto + Leon + a little Straight Story could have been great but... an aging chef seeking vengeance for his almost died daughter, her killed husband and children that were attacked by hitmen in Hongkong. The action was stupid. In one scene they are able to shoot on a bicycle to keep it rolling on itself and in the actual action sequences it's good old bang, bang and no one hits anything most of the time.
The style was often great, but the mysterious chef with increasingly memory issues and obviously some history in shooting didn't work for me.

The humorous beginning was fine, but the drama that rather abruptly kicks in felt out of tune. Not because i necessarily wouldn't be able to accept the switch in genre, but good drama takes more than Smith being curious on his forgotten past and Theron explaining it to him in rather short scenes.
I think Hancock should have stayed until the end the only superhero, like Batman Begins were the main character got enough time to be introduced. The Mr. and Mrs. Superman sequel could have had then a still humorous tone at the beginning and after that they could have done this greek god mythical thing that was discharged too fast here.
For me almost like a pilot movie that tried to tell the whole first season in under 2 hours.
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