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Re: Valhalla Knights 2 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide PSP

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How does one unlock the machine race?

Where are all of the job cards/what enemies drop them?

Are there any other shortcuts other than the Guard Post one?

What is the difference between AL and the physical defense thing located down by the status ailment resistance? Does the status ailment thing for the defenses for resisting stat changes?

Is there a good way to find Blank Cards?
Knight card:nameless tower Greater Demon's, bradon chapel . knights
Samurai card:monster realm female samurai's
Ninja Card:monster realm Kunoichi's
Anchor card:nameless tower mimics
Enchanter card:lake arakatora goblins

there are other short cuts, but they require keys that have to be found in dungeons, or switches that have to be activated from the other side of the door(i.e. going to lake arakatora and unlocking the shortcut to the river from there)

AL is your basic defense stat, it determines how much damage you take(i.e. you have AL4, enemy has WL 4, you'll take about 15 damage per hit, so that enemy is on fairly even footing against your defense), the physical damage resistance determines what percentage of the damage you would recieve after basic defense it nullifies(i.e. physical damage resistance of 11 reduces the damage you would recieve by 11%, unfortunately, this can't be built on regularly as the answer to your next question

no, there is no surefire way to get successive blank cards, its the rarest drop in the game, and the game like to piss on players by dropping 7 of them before you can afford to use them, you also occasionally find predetermined chests that have them, but they are also rare(1 out of all the chests in 7 different areas give or take on the areas) the only hope you have is getting your lead characters luck up to max, because then you'll maybe have a 1% chance of finding one in a drop chest
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