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Re: Last movie impressions

Buddenbrooks (2008)
Telling the story of the Buddenbrook family in the 19th century.
The first half focuses on the daughter with her unhappy choices in husbands, the second on the older brother who contrary to his other brother has to step in his fathers shoes and lives in the view of others a successful live...
I think the director wasn't able to crop the story properly without loosing important details and loosing the mood. (although i don't know the book) But it felt fragmented although longer than the cinema cut.

Knocked Up
A bit clichéd with the man are funny and have to change to take some responsibility while woman are by default more grown up, but it's a funny comedy and that's the premise.

Just Friends
Have to love Anna Faris' caricature of this slightly crazy popstar bimbo. The rest, the main story, is mediocre.

Santa Claus 3
Definitely one sequel too much.

Cool Runnings
Charming film.

Mamma Mia!
Chicago got an Oscar. Mamma Mia! not. Mamma Mia!
Abba songs in Muriels wedding were already awesome, there the mood of the songs was better interwoven, while here their use felt sometimes too artificial. But the actors were great. Only Brosnan appeared like he wanted to sing Meat Loaf songs or whatever. Amanda Seyfried was just gorgeous although Streep was fine for her age too.

Once Upon a Time in America
Leone together with Morricone make good cinema experiences but i seem do never like the stories of their pictures and music. I fall asleep watching C'era una volta il West and here the characters don't make much sense to me.
He goes as a young man to jail for killing someone in rage and after being released he joins with a shrug his grown up buddies at their murder business and rapes in between of a robbery? WTF! What happened in jail?
His early love likes him, because of what? Only because he is peeping her? She even does the same thing as Sally Jupiter / Silk Spectre in Watchmen but without any explanation if it's really based on the same motivation.
Maybe it's a movie were the viewer is supposed to fill in the gaps, but imo a movie has to do that in another way when it gives that order.

August Rush
The tale of the boy is a "little bit" implausible, but it's about the beauty of music, the strength of love and the kitsch of happy endings.
If you can't engage in schmaltzy stories you better not watch it.

The Associate
Could be better with a better, faster script.

Kung Fu Panda
I usually like even crappy martial arts movies so i have to love it when the tiger fight style is now actually performed by a tiger.

The Secret Garden
The plot might have been a bit unrealistic but it think the message of the movie just was that you shouldn't surrender to disasters and duck always, you have to allow change sometimes if you want to enjoy your life. Nice.

Max Payne
I actually liked how they explained and displayed the Valkyr effects and the more realistic painkiller by plain duty to survive, ok, but why did they change so much of the story and why not just use 1:1 the shot style the game had in some scenes? Especially the flashbacks were hollow.
Again, as it seems as always, a missed opportunity.

Casino Royale (1966)
First fuck up was done by the TV station by cutting out parts of the movie. (without a reason) SAW2 in the FSK18 version was ridiculous with missing scenes but that's due to youth laws in germany but leaving out whole scenes in a comedy...?
The movie itself was bad. The jokes were most of the times just lame. The idea of the real James Bond that persiflages the other Bond character was great, especially liked the joke article agent line, which pretty much summarizes my disliking of pre-Craig Bonds, but the plot was irritatingly nonsensical even for its parody goal.

Bourne Ultimatum
The better Bond. Period.

Lemony Snicket
I don't like malicious movies, i can't stand it when the evils have one success after another against the good characters. No problem with e.g. Mafia movies were the hero of the movie is the evil person. But when the good guys are tortured throughout the movie that's attacking my beliefs.
Beside that i liked everything.

Universum: Erster auf dem Everest (first on the Everest)
A reconstruction of what probably happened to George Mallory and Andrew Irvine and if they eventually have reached the top 1924.
There are better Universum episodes, this was rather messed up with some play scenes, CSI comments on the found old equipment and the documentary footage of the search expedition for the dead bodies.

L'uomo delle stelle
A beautiful movie about an asshole who actually steals from poor people by making them want to become a movie star and he pretends to do sample takes for a movie company.

Bee Movie
not as bad as some Nickelodeon crap but hardly better
For Kids under 7 maybe good i guess.

Nature against human, the Eiger north face showing muscles while 4 men try to climb for the first time to its top 1936. Impressive movie based on facts.
Reality often writes better scripts than anything Hollywood has come up with. The end is just unbelievable...
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