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Re: Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheats Strategy G

cheapest thing in the world get merchant crown to max you obtain money talks deals damage in comparison to your money, if you have 1000 you'll do 10, if you have 10000 you'll do 100, problem is it cost you 1000 to use. also do the store mini game but two ether's in a pair for 5000 they will sell. you can buy them for 1000 each, 1000 x2= 2000 sold for 5000. means you make profit of 3000. when you get desired money (900000 kills any boss i went against except last boss on floor 100 of the four secret towers, for that i used 1000000.) you can also use ransom which all damage to that character are directed to your cash instead which with enough you become emortal. also if you go to floor 80 of first tower( easiest of all) you fight bahamut who when killed drops orehilcon, which increases max upgrade level +10. i used brandt with armor, shield and cape of light,( all you r3ealy need is the armor of light.) maxed it out got orehelicon so now i have it at + 19. evasion defense and magic defense are so high i am hit about 1% or so of the time and when i am, what would damage my friends with 300 or so would to 25 to me. and with paladin bait my friends live almost any encounter.( area attacks still hit them. IMPORTANT USE ALL FOUR AS WAY FAIRER AND USE RUNAWAY YOU WILL GET THROUGH SECRET TOWER IN A FLASH. ALL BUT THE ARCH LORDS(or what ever there called) AND MAYBE SOME BADE LUCK YOU WILL RUN AWAY FROM BATTLES. and for gems use the paladin set up i described with three merchants and its easy going. only challenge i have in the game ( which this group of brandt as paladin with sit up and that hammer worth 9000 pts which has 50 attack, aire as white mage with a dagger that has death states, yunita as maxed merchant and jusqua as black mage with the sword of light because of its high magic attack.) is the secret towers. oh and no need for torches just angle screen so you are looking from the bottom you will see enough.
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