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Re: Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Gu

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Tips for all 3 factions:

Soviets - expand by each building you make, so as you expand with structures you expand your entire base, thus making it harder for enemies to destroy you quickly.
- engineers build bunkers, place 4 rocket launcher guys and a telsa soldier, and you have quick anti-infantry/air/tank in 1 structure that can be built anywhere.
- bears help you find spys and hiden units (like transports and units hiding with mirrage tanks)

Allies - you need to make a command centre near each of your buildings that you want teched up. So if you take a ore truck and place it somewhere else on the map and turn it into a command hub, you can build stuff there, but it won't be as teched up as your main base (until you have a command center there).
- place an engineer into a jeep (holds only 1 guy), as it becomes your mobile repair unit (to save your units from those pesky dragon flys)
- dogs help you find spys and hidden units
- use cryohelicopters to shut down buildings

Japanese - use transports with engineers and disguise it as a friendly unit. Then unleash your engineers in their base and use the engineer's running ability to run into buildings.
- use dragonflys to find hiden enemies and slow down injured armored units (tanks, boats, etc.)

Overall - blitz the computer with men (lots and lots of men) at the beginning, such as make 2 barracks before your first energy building.
- Engineers can take over buildings, making enemies to focus on neutral structures, instead of your base.
- Japanese tanks are weaker than any other tank, so make mechatangus and mechacopters instead.
how do i disquise the transport
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