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Lightbulb Re: Supreme Commander 2 Tips FAQ Help Tricks Hints Cheat Codes Strategy Guide

CALLING ALL ILLUMINATE PLAYERS!! the best tactic is to build about 7 or 8 energy generators and build on every mass spot that you can reach. your ACU shold be building air defences. When one engineer is done make him build light ground defences. The other one should build research stations and research resource upgrades (upgrades that increase the amount of resources u get) and the Loyalty Gun. When you get the loyalty gun, build lots of them at the choke points to your base. That will give you an army. Research military upgrades and build factories (dosent matter what type). Then build loyalty guns closer to the enemy, guarding it with aa. keep slowly getting closer to your enemy until u have a sizeable army. then attack. this tactic will work most of the time, but you will not have enough mass at the beginning. if you know how to get plenty of mass at the start, or you turned off research, then ajust my guide.
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