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Re: Kinect

Kinectimals is actually pretty cool. I thought the game was going to be pretty shallow at first, throwing balls at your cat and fake petting them and other basic things. But you end up kicking a soccer ball back and forth and at bubbles that pop up. The motion controls are intuitive enough to where if I kicked in a certain direction and strength, it seemed to do what I expected it to do.

You also drive a car around which makes the awful Joyride redundant.

There are things to unlock and some kind of kid-friendly story, but hey, it's there. The tricks are more complex than I thought they would be and the cat responds 9 times out of 10. Pat your knees and the goddamn thing sits down. Pat the floor and he lays down. Then spin around and he spins around on the floor like Curly from The Three Stooges. You can also yell at him and he'll do these things.

Then you do a Simon-like mini-game where they call out the tricks you to memorize and then you carry out the routine.

And then you teach your cat how to hunt by grabbing a rabbit and then shaking your head as if you are tearing its neck apart. Then you can watch your cat end the miserable rabbit's life by biting its spinal cord. Fun stuff.
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