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Re: Post here when you beat a game. I mean it!

N.O.V.A. for iDevices. It's a small FPS which heavily borrows the original Halo in terms of feel and artstyle from the faceless space marine with gun down to the AI companion. It's pretty obvious that the developers are pretty big Halo fans themselves. The main difference being that Master Chief is usually quiet while the main character of Nova tries to be a smartarse and fails miserably. That I can't even remember his name despite playing just a couple of hours ago says quite a lot about how memorable the story, plot and characters involved are. Not at all.

To be fair: I didn't try multiplayer. But I couldn't be bothered to convince any of my iPodPadPhone-friends to dish out 4 just to try out the multiplayer.

If you love Halo and can't live without a Halo-derivative on you iPodPadPhone, this is your game. Everyone else better waits for something more compelling. Maybe a game which is not so much in love with a popular franchise on one of the big consoles.

I'm now back to the brilliant Cut the Rope, which got a bunch of extra-levels last week
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